Is CBD legal?

Yes! CBD products were legalized with the 2018 signing of the Farm Bill, but must be within certain parameters. All of our CBD is 100% legally produced and trustworthy. 

Will I get high if I take CBD oil?

NO! While there are trace amounts of THC in Full-Spectrum CBD Oils, the amount is less than 0.3%, within the legal limits of the 2018 Farm Bill.

How much should I take?

For the average person, it is recommended to take one dropper full of CBD oil, placed under the tongue to maximize absorption and affects. We encourage our customers to gauge their usage and figure out what works best for them, and do not list a “Suggested Use” for that reason.

Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD regularly?

The trace amounts of THC in full-spectrum oils should not make you fail a drug test, but nothing is guaranteed. You could still fail a drug test if you consume enough oil, so consume at your own risk.

Are there any side effects to taking CBD?

CBD is generally considered to be safe for all people, including animals, while there have been few people who have experienced minor side effects. We encourage our customers to do their own research and decide how they think CBD will react with their body.