Solution US CBD Brand Representative Membership Rewards

Are you interested in getting CBD products at an unbeatable price? Or maybe you’re interested in getting involved in the CBD industry? If you are looking for either of those things, or even just to help generate some secondary income, you have come to the right place. Our Solution US CBD Brand Representative Membership is the “solution” for you and can help you with any and all of those things.

With our annual Solution US membership, for only $100 a year you gain instant access to our products at wholesale price or better. This membership will allow you to gain access to our high quality CBD products at an unbelievable price as a consumer. 

Sign up today to start making a better life for yourself, and others; purchase a membership and also receive some exclusive Solution US gear for joining the team!

Cancellation Policy  Not happy with your membership? Cancel your membership within your first 30 days and we will issue you a full refund! You will only be asked to pay in full for any items purchased using the membership discounts in the event you cancel your membership.

*This is a 1 time annually recurring fee.


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